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Our Donors

As a non profit organisation, Naples Ballet relie on donations to offer scholarship, Professional performances at Artis Naples with Live music from The Naples Philharmonic and quality education.

Etoile $5001 and above 

George Calleja

Don Dion

Bruce and Robin Gray

Moe and Dot Kent

Jay and Toshiko Tompkins

Donna Wexler

Sujet  $3001- $5000


George and Rosemary Bashaw

Coryphée $1501- $3000

Mike and Carol Rosenberg

Quadrilles $501-$1500

Stephen and Louise Farrington

Richard and Brenda Fioretti

Udo and Alexia Fisher

Barry and Christine Holes

Jim and Wendy Meneely

Steve and Barbara Teaford

Corps de Ballet $251-$500

Sharon Bennett

David Berg

Anne Hanford

Peter and Eunice Lumsden

Members of the Barre up to $250

Janice Anderson

Mike and Joan Barnes  

Loretta Borghi

Ron Ciesla

Stephanie Cooper

Linda Davis

Anita Delaquila

Susan Gibbons

David and Denise Greene

Linda Kehoe

Kathy Nichols

Mar kand Joe Omlie

Charles and Kathryn Rieiger

Tom and Rixja Vlach

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