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Pre-Professional Program


Our Pre-Professional  Program is by audition Only

  • 6 classes during the day per week (Ballet, Pointe, Variation, Pilates and Floor Barre)

  • YAGP Variation rehearsal time   

"My daughter, Avery, joined Naples Ballet as a high school sophomore and her experiences at the studio changed her dancing to help her achieve her potential. Throughout the two years she spent at Naples Ballet, she was part of the Pre-Professional Program, (formerly Homeschool) which is a unique opportunity that allowed for more hours of dance without sacrificing educational instruction.  Avery thoroughly enjoyed all the time she spent at the studio, loved every class and absorbed the instruction specific to her provided by Mr. C, Mrs. T and Mr. R.  Each instructor genuinely cares about the dancer as a whole person. For her senior year in high school, she applied to multiple pre-professional programs and now trains in the Full-time Level 8 program at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School. The training she received at Naples Ballet has allowed her to be 1 of the 7 pre-professional girls who have been asked to learn some of the corp de ballet parts with the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Company, which may allow her to perform as a part of the company's Nutcracker. From the wonderful and prestigious performance opportunities to the professional instruction, Naples Ballet was and is such an important part of her dancing journey. 

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